Friday, August 22, 2008

Tagged. Again.

OK Top ten books (in no particular order):

Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns. This is the cutest book about a little boy growing up in a small town, complete with getting run over by a train and living to tell the tale.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I like how this book addresses racism in a fairly upbeat way. I haven't read it for a while and it's probably about time to pull it out again.

Lord of the Flies by William Golding. I didn't necessarily love the story but I love literary masterpiece that this book is--something the Twilights or Harry Potters won't ever be. One time my dad told me that was like enjoying a painting done out of dog poop...still not sure what that means.

These Is My Words by Kathleen Turner. Written in the form of a diary by a girl in a wagon train--it makes me so happy for every little thing that goes right and so sad for all the many hardships they faced.

Christy by Katherine Marshall. This is the true story of a 20 year-old girl who leaves everything she knows behind to be a teacher in a strange new land full of interesting food, bad smells, and people who have never seen an outsider before. Sound familiar to you? The funny thing is I read and fell in love with this book long before I went to China.

The Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan, as well any of her other books. She has such a charming way of painting the Chinese lifestyle with its good characteristics as well as the bad, and it makes me feel like I am there again. I wonder if I'll ever stop reading about China, hearing about China, seeing pictures of China, and just plain missing China.

The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale. Most of the books on this list range from somber and thought provoking to downright depressing, so this was a fun fairytale to mix it up a bit, and I was so sad when it ended.

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Talk about thought provoking--this book made me so grateful for where I live and the life I have. I kept thinking it was set way back in time and whenever I realized it is set in the present day it made me sad all over again. It definitely made me realize I need to appreciate what I have.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. The first time I read it I just thought this book was odd but have re-read it a few times now and love it. I love the idea that each life is entwined in those around us in ways we are not even aware of and that one day it will all be explained.

Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton. There is so much good advice about love and patience and endurance in this book. It deals with the suffering brought into our lives by other people's decisions and that only through love can it be overcome.

Fanny's Dream by Caralyn and Mark Buehner. I know this is my 11th book but it is a children's book so technically in a whole seperate category...I love this story of a girl growing up and discovering that the fairytale she had always imagined for herself wasn't the best option for her in real life--I wish I could give a copy to every teenage girl!

I'm tagging Kristen and Mindi.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

Kristen tagged me, so here goes.

3 Joys:
***Diet Coke. Hands down. I used to mock people who were so addicted to their beverage, but seriously it brings a smile to my face every time.
***Sleeping in. I wish I could do it more often and I'm lazy enough that I would every day if work would allow it. What can I say--I'm a night owl at heart.
***Sewing. I know its nerdy but I just made a quilt and it was SO fun. I haven't made one in years and I had forgotten how addicting it is! And not only was it fun but now I have a perfect, made-to-order blanket. :)

3 Fears:
***Cats. I know its irrational, but I am terrified of them.
***Pregnancy. Kudos to all you moms out there--the thoughts of having something else controlling my body is almost more than I can handle.
***I don't know, natural disasters? I hate seeing footage on the news after earthquakes and tornadoes and such--it always makes me cry. After this latest earthquake in China I was about to jump on a plane and head over there...who knows what I would have done once I was there...

3 Goals:
***Finding a place to live by myself. I've lived with roommates for almost 5 years and I've decided it's time to be on my own. I have had so much fun over the past few years but lately I've been getting the itch that it would be nice to have a little more space (this tiny bedroom is killing me!) and be a little more independant.
***Growing my hair out. I haven't had long hair since I was 14, and everytime I get close I get frustrated and cut it off. I'm convinced this time it's gonna happen.
***Being more clean and organized. I'm hoping goal #1 will help with this--there just is no room for things so they end up on my bedroom floor or thrown over my desk chair

3 Current Obsessions:
***Boot Camp. I started it this month at the gym and it is amazing. It kicks my butt and I'm always sick after, but I feel so good! I'm contemplating doing it again next month, but it's at 6:30 a.m., which gets in the way of sleeping in...
***Looking for apartments. Someone refered to me as an apartment lurker--its true! I find 'for rent' signs everywhere and I've talked to what seems like every landlord in the valley, but just you wait--I'll find that perfect place!
***Reading all the books I have stacked on my shelf but haven't had time to. This one is gonna take a while.

3 Random Facts:
***I have a pair of gym shoes that ONLY are worn indoors. I'm pretty anal about it--I don't even walk from my car to the gym--I wear a different pair and change. I found this amazing pair of aerobic shoes and they always seem to wear out so quickly that I was trying to save them some extra wear-and-tear, but then they stayed so white and clean and by then it was habit...
***I HATE packing for vacations. It seriously stresses me out and I end up taking 4 times as much stuff as I really need and don't use most of it. I'm staring right now at the full bag of clothes I didn't wear but have to unpack from my last trip.
***When it comes to renting movies or choosing restaurants, I'd rather go with something I've seen/eaten before that I know is good than risk getting something disappointing. Not very adventurous, I know.

I'm tagging Amie, Melani, and Lindi.