Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Last night I had to stay late at work to get everything ready for bills to go out today. 6 turned to 7...which dragged on to which point I had to print out 40-ish pages and then I could leave. And of course my printer was out of paper. And of course the extra paper is kept at the other end of the office. So I hope you didn't try to copy something this morning...cuz the copy machine might have been out of paper...cuz someone was
to walk
all the way
to the other end of the


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ThiS is haLloWeEN

I had a Halloween dinner the Sunday before Halloween. I had really good intentions of taking lots of blog worthy pictures--the kind Bakerella takes. Chelsea and I even discussed it ahead of time: this was going to be a blogworthy event.

And then...all the food needed to go in the oven at the same time and then I ran out of room in my fridge and the flowers needed to be spray painted and then I started to run out of time and luckily my fab friend Jess helped me set everything up, but then all the dishes started piling up in the sink and then all the food started coming out of the oven AT THE SAME TIME and then the candles needed to be lit and the dry ice put in the water and luckly my fab sister and brother-in-law came early and helped me with that, and then I had to put on my costume and curl my hair (cuz Little Orphan Annie does NOT have straight hair) and then all the people started coming dressed as skeletons and a hot dog and cowboys and three musketeers and even John and Kate and all sorts of other fun things, and then it was time to eat and then it was time for prizes and then my grandma tap danced for us (yes, she actually tap danced), and then it was time for everyone to get home because it was a SCHOOL night...gasp...and then it was quiet and I realized these were the only pictures I got...sigh...

oh well. Everyone had fun.