Friday, March 13, 2009

FaVorItE tHinGS

After watching CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC tonight I figure I better at least let some good come of my latest shopping expeditions and share a few of my favorite new finds with all of you.  
#1: Cleaning Bubbles Toilet Cleaner

K this stuff is AMAZING.  It doesn't turn your water blue, or show at all, and the only complaint I have is a little bit of a unique smell but at least its a clean smell.  Each little gel ring lasts about a week, and then you just pop out a fresh one and you're set.

#2: Grapefruit face wash:

This stuff is delicious and refreshing and has little exfoliating beads to boot.  

#3: Jessica Simpson Mary Janes:

Definitely the most EXCITING of my latest purchases, I have to include my new favorite shoes that would put a smile on any shopaholic's face.

Thursday, March 5, 2009