Friday, March 13, 2009

FaVorItE tHinGS

After watching CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC tonight I figure I better at least let some good come of my latest shopping expeditions and share a few of my favorite new finds with all of you.  
#1: Cleaning Bubbles Toilet Cleaner

K this stuff is AMAZING.  It doesn't turn your water blue, or show at all, and the only complaint I have is a little bit of a unique smell but at least its a clean smell.  Each little gel ring lasts about a week, and then you just pop out a fresh one and you're set.

#2: Grapefruit face wash:

This stuff is delicious and refreshing and has little exfoliating beads to boot.  

#3: Jessica Simpson Mary Janes:

Definitely the most EXCITING of my latest purchases, I have to include my new favorite shoes that would put a smile on any shopaholic's face.


Webbs said...

What a cute post. I am glad you were there yesterday--it was so fun to see you. Thanks for the shampoo too, you are a lifesaver.

Katie said...

I came so close to buying that facewash the other day. I debated for forever in the WalMart aisle, finally letting my cheap side win out since the grapefruit scent added on an additional couple bucks! Now you have inspired me to try it out!

Jennilyn and Chad said...

Cute shoes - I'm definitely going to try that toilet cleaner - And I've been looking for a new face wash!!! Thank you!!! So Paducah, huh? Well, of all the places in the world, we have quite a bit to talk about from Paducah...I'll tell you what! I love how many memories that just brought back. Oh my gosh! Oh- I miss us! I actually might be seeing you girls on Saturday, so we'll have to definitely bring some of that ol' accent fun back into the mix!

Megan said...

I kept forgetting to come to your blog and check it out after you left a comment on mine - I am so glad you found me :) Now we have a way to keep in touch. By the way I am loving your red hair...but then again, I am partial. Speaking of, that is why I wanted to see this movie - I think Amy Adams represents red heads well ;)