Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Trees

Welcome to the 2nd annual Fackrell Family Christmas Tree Hunt! Saturday we drove up above Preston, Idaho in search for the perfect trees. It was a fabulous day--sunny and warm but with powdery snow on the ground to make it feel festive. This year we missed my mom who had to stay home, but she came up later for a fabulous Kick Off to Christmas dinner at Katie and Nate's house. Everyone took home trees that are way too big for normal size houses, but we had tons of fun in the process.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Last night I had to stay late at work to get everything ready for bills to go out today. 6 turned to 7...which dragged on to which point I had to print out 40-ish pages and then I could leave. And of course my printer was out of paper. And of course the extra paper is kept at the other end of the office. So I hope you didn't try to copy something this morning...cuz the copy machine might have been out of paper...cuz someone was
to walk
all the way
to the other end of the


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ThiS is haLloWeEN

I had a Halloween dinner the Sunday before Halloween. I had really good intentions of taking lots of blog worthy pictures--the kind Bakerella takes. Chelsea and I even discussed it ahead of time: this was going to be a blogworthy event.

And then...all the food needed to go in the oven at the same time and then I ran out of room in my fridge and the flowers needed to be spray painted and then I started to run out of time and luckily my fab friend Jess helped me set everything up, but then all the dishes started piling up in the sink and then all the food started coming out of the oven AT THE SAME TIME and then the candles needed to be lit and the dry ice put in the water and luckly my fab sister and brother-in-law came early and helped me with that, and then I had to put on my costume and curl my hair (cuz Little Orphan Annie does NOT have straight hair) and then all the people started coming dressed as skeletons and a hot dog and cowboys and three musketeers and even John and Kate and all sorts of other fun things, and then it was time to eat and then it was time for prizes and then my grandma tap danced for us (yes, she actually tap danced), and then it was time for everyone to get home because it was a SCHOOL night...gasp...and then it was quiet and I realized these were the only pictures I got...sigh...

oh well. Everyone had fun.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cache Valley Duathlon

On Saturday I did my first race: the Cache Valley Duathlon. It consisted of a 2 mile run, a 13 mile bike, and another 2 mile run. The bike ride was beautiful up Blacksmith Fork Canyon, but so much harder than I anticipated! By the time I was done biking the last thing I wanted to do was go running again, but somehow I made it and had so much fun!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Fall is my favorite time of year, and I realized that while most people celebrate Labor Day as one last hurrah for Summer, in my mind it marks the start of Autumn. I love when the weather gets a little cooler and you don't melt when you go outside. I love when the leaves start changing and the world gets so colorful. I love seeing students walking to and from school in their brand new clothes and new backpacks. I love jackets--not coats, jackets--and weather that doesn't require bundling but just layering. I love the food that goes along with fall--pies, gingerbread cookies, dinner in a pumpkin. Bonfires, Corn Mazes, Hiking...its all so fun!

I guess the best thing about fall is that I see it as a new beginning. The last couple falls I haven't started school, but it still feels like it fits, that you get to start a new year and set new goals and decide once again who you are and what you're going to do with your life.

So here's to fall, and all of our new beginnings!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cruisin in the Caribbean

Florida KeysCOZUMEL


AROUND THE VALOR Last week I got to go with my fun mom on a cruise down to the Caribbean. We had SO MUCH FUN!!! We stopped in Belize as well but went CAVE TUBING so we couldn't take our cameras with us to keep them dry.

A HUGE HUGE THANKS to my parents for making this possible--I love you both so much and appreciate everything!

Some of our FaVOrIte ThIngS:

dIet CoKEs

Monday, August 3, 2009


I just have to acknowledge how incredibly blessed I am. I have the greatest support group of friends and family, and I want you all to know how much I love you. Life doesn't always turn out the way we hope it will, but now I know I never have to go through anything alone. I have the greatest siblings and am so thankful for them. Katie said the other day that us sisters are so close that when something great happens to one of us, it might as well have happened to the rest of us, we're that happy about it. This week I've learned the same thing goes for when hard things happen too.

My parents get their own paragraph--wow. I can't imagine the responsibility and worry that comes with being a parent and how amazing mine are. I know they'd do anything for me.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So I have a group of friends who have taken on the HUGE undertaking of launching a global campaign against pornography, similar to the Truth About Tobacco campaign. I have been aware of this campaign for about 15 months now and have been to several meetings and it is UNBELIEVEABLE what these guys are working on. Their goal is to raise $10 from every person they come in contact with, and then start working across the nation with ads, signs, tv spots, etc. teaching about the danger of this drug.

DONATE!!! So many times we wish we could become a part of something or want to do something to make the world a better place but don't know how--here is your chance! I'll say right now I made my $10 donation this afternoon.

Richard Winwood, business executive with Franklin Covey and founder of Million Air LLC said the following of Fight the New Drug, "Their positive message will appeal to every intelligent young person, and create in them a willingness to not only disdain pornography but to join the fight against it! I would encourage every concerned person to join FTND and get anxiously engaged in this movement. We are at war. Become a Fighter!"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Taste of Things To Come...

Jared and I had our formal pics last night--it was so fun! We started at the Bountiful Temple, and then went to Salt Lake to the City and County Building, the Library, and Memory Grove. It was fun being the princess, and letting everyone tell us congrats, and just enjoy being together. My mom took a few pics with her camera so here's just a little taste--I'm so excited to see the real pictures!

Jared and I were talking on the drive down from Logan about how happy we've been and how blessed we are to have each other and it really is so true--I am such a lucky, lucky girl. I can't believe its finally our turn to have the happiest day of our lives.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spackman Family Vacation

Last weekend we went camping with Jared's family at Palisades State Park. It was so fun to have everyone together and get to know his family a lot better. We had quite a crew--Terri and Bruce (Mama and Papa Spackman), Jodi and Eric with Aubrie, Macy and Porter, Jeremy and

Marie with JJ, Jason and Leslie, Jeni, and Jared and I.

We played games, canoed, the brave people swam (I was not one of them), and just hung out. Saturday was rainy so thank heavens for Jodi and Eric's trailer!

Jared took his little scooter and managed to get around the campsite pretty well. :) We had a way fun weekend and came home sunburned and tired--must have been successful!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

For Memorial Day weekend we loaded up Jared's crutches and headed down to Vegas to visit his brother Jeremy and his wife Marie. It was a super chill weekend and just what the doctor ordered. We watched basketball, played games, ate good food, and enjoyed the warm weather and just being together. Thanks Jeremy and Marie for letting us crash at your place!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And They Lived Happily Ever After

Wow--where do I even start? By saying I'm the happiest I've ever been? Or that this blog will soon be changing to All That is The Spackmans? Or that the greatest guy I've ever met who is absolutely perfect for me loves me? Cuz all of those things would be true.

Last night Jared and I went to the Logan Temple to do a session. We walked out at the end into a perfect Spring night--warm and clear, and I thought I couldn't possibly be any happier. We started to walk out to his car, but before we got to the stairs going down to the parking lot he pulled me over to a bench that sits just west of the temple and looks over the whole valley. We sat there and talked, and I have to admit the thought crossed my mind that this could be the moment, but then I brought myself back to reality when I remembered the ring wouldn't be done for another couple weeks.

We chatted for a minute, and then he turned to me and asked "T, why do you love me?" I told him the only thing that seemed to encompass it all: "I love how happy you make me." I asked him why he loved me, and he said "I love that I get to bring you to the temple." And he reached into his temple bag, got down on one knee, and said "Tierra Anne, Will you Marry Me?" Guess what my answer was!?

Right now, in this moment, everything is perfect and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Friday, March 13, 2009

FaVorItE tHinGS

After watching CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC tonight I figure I better at least let some good come of my latest shopping expeditions and share a few of my favorite new finds with all of you.  
#1: Cleaning Bubbles Toilet Cleaner

K this stuff is AMAZING.  It doesn't turn your water blue, or show at all, and the only complaint I have is a little bit of a unique smell but at least its a clean smell.  Each little gel ring lasts about a week, and then you just pop out a fresh one and you're set.

#2: Grapefruit face wash:

This stuff is delicious and refreshing and has little exfoliating beads to boot.  

#3: Jessica Simpson Mary Janes:

Definitely the most EXCITING of my latest purchases, I have to include my new favorite shoes that would put a smile on any shopaholic's face.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009

oh the places you'll go

wedesday the whole clan headed down to provo to take elise to the mtc. what an experience! it was such an emotional week with everything going on and it was hard to see her go, but she is so excited and is going to do so great. the last 2 days i've thought constantly about how i need to text her and see how's she's doing...oh wait...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pinata Making

My nephew Miles is turning 4 next week, and requested a Spiderwick birthday party complete with a Mulgorath pinata. For those of you who aren't Spiderwick gurus, Mulgorath is a hairy, wrinkly ogre complete with fangs, horns, and red eyes. Here I'll attach a picture of him:

Unfortunately for Miles, most party stores do not stock pinatas of the villains of the story, so he was incredibly distraught about where he was going to get one. Which is what started the following conversation between me, him, and my little sister Elise:

Miles: I don't know where we gonna find a Mo-Go-Rath pinata.

Me: Maybe you should make one.


Me: How would I make a Mulgorath pinata?

Elise (Voice dripping with sarcasm): Come on T, we'll show you a picture. You'll be fine.

Miles (not picking up the sarcasm): Yeah T, I'll show you a picture. You'll be FINE!

Well there is something to be said about the faith that little 4 year old put in my creative abilities. Plus, who can resist this face:

So...I set out on my very first pinata making experience. Thank heavens for google which provided me with a great paper mache recipe, and for Hobby Lobby which provided countless random items to use. I finished it last week and it doesn't look great, in fact it looks a little like a brown Miss Piggy. But yesterday when I left my sister's house, as I was walking out the door, Miles came running around the corner and whispered: "Thanks for the pinata!" Totally worth it.