Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pinata Making

My nephew Miles is turning 4 next week, and requested a Spiderwick birthday party complete with a Mulgorath pinata. For those of you who aren't Spiderwick gurus, Mulgorath is a hairy, wrinkly ogre complete with fangs, horns, and red eyes. Here I'll attach a picture of him:

Unfortunately for Miles, most party stores do not stock pinatas of the villains of the story, so he was incredibly distraught about where he was going to get one. Which is what started the following conversation between me, him, and my little sister Elise:

Miles: I don't know where we gonna find a Mo-Go-Rath pinata.

Me: Maybe you should make one.


Me: How would I make a Mulgorath pinata?

Elise (Voice dripping with sarcasm): Come on T, we'll show you a picture. You'll be fine.

Miles (not picking up the sarcasm): Yeah T, I'll show you a picture. You'll be FINE!

Well there is something to be said about the faith that little 4 year old put in my creative abilities. Plus, who can resist this face:

So...I set out on my very first pinata making experience. Thank heavens for google which provided me with a great paper mache recipe, and for Hobby Lobby which provided countless random items to use. I finished it last week and it doesn't look great, in fact it looks a little like a brown Miss Piggy. But yesterday when I left my sister's house, as I was walking out the door, Miles came running around the corner and whispered: "Thanks for the pinata!" Totally worth it.


mcbingham said...

Wow!! T, you are one amazing creative aunt!! Miles totally loves it!! Now, you get to enjoy watching him whack it, and get the goodies. I love pinatas!!

Stephanie Hall said...

I'm thinking it's time to start your own pinata business!
I can't believe Miles is 4!!! I swear I took his pictures when he was just a little guy, barely big enough to hold a tractor! I'm so glad you found my blog...maybe now we'll keep in touch better! Check back soon for pics of baby spence-he'll be here before I know it!

Stephanie Hall said...

p.s. would you ask amie to invite me to her blog?

Stephanie Hall said...!

Jason+Lindi said...

Now T, I think that is the most impressive pinata that I have ever seen! I know who to call when I am in need!! What a cute little guy!

Ellie said...

So very cute! You are such a good aunt!