Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Shout Out to Family

I think my favorite part about Thanksgiving was having all of my family together. We always have so much fun and have so much to talk about and catch up on that its usually pretty chaotic at my parents house when the 5 siblings, 2 brother-in-laws, 2 nephews, a neice and my parents are all there. The boys usually disappear and us girls stay up way too late sitting around the island in the kitchin in our PJs eating whatever delicious snacks mom has set out and just being girls. Its crazy to think we fought like cats and dogs as kids but now I can't imagine life without them. I LOVE YOU GUYS!


mcbingham said...

I love all of your updates! You and your sisters are too cute! I love the Christmas decorations and your sprinkle rack. You always have the cutest ideas!...and we definitely need to get together soon.

Jason+Lindi said...

Sisters are the best, but even better is that you posted two days in a row! Awesome. I really want to see you... lets do lunch. I am really serious. I will get a babysitter and drive to your neck of the woods if I have to! Let me know.

Katie said...

Thanks for the shout out. We really do have a ton of fun! How grateful am I to have you all a part of my world. Who would have thought that we'd all grow up to be the very best of friends!