Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2 Months

Our happy little man is already 2 months old!  The time has gone so quickly and he is such a huge addition to our family.
Height: 21.5"  (2%)
Weight: 10lbs 5oz  (7%)
Head Circumference: 15" (16%)
He is just a small little guy but eats about 4oz. each feeding so his Dr. isn't worried and says he is a strong, healthy boy!

He is sleeping 6-7 hours most nights, and if he sleeps with mom or dad he will go 8-9 hours.
He is really smiley and gives us big gummy grins
He still has really long eyelashes and gets lots of complements on them
He still hates tummy time but is getting strong and tolerating it more
He is starting to make new noises and little coos
He hasn't lost much of his baby hair and new hair is growing in on the top of his head
He started going to Miss Lilia's for daycare on Monday and both he and mom did good.  Nate takes him when he goes to work around 10 and I pick him up when I get off at 4.  He plays with 4 other little boys age 1-4 all day and she says he is really good.

We love him so much!   I never want to forget his chubby little arms and cute tiny toes and all the million faces he makes!!!
One month comparison here

Thursday, October 9, 2014


We have had so much fun with our friends and family who have all come to visit and cuddle Theo.  Since we spent 4 days in the hospital we got to see a lot of people there, and then some more at home.

Because he was in the NICU, the Stokes kids and Asher couldn't go see him, but we still were happy they visited!

The Webbs were visiting when Theo was released from the NICU and got to come to my room, so Asher got to meet him.  He was so cute and sweet, talking to him in the tiniest high pitched voice.

A week after he was born Cathy, Jasmine, and Patience came to visit

Amie stopped by in the hospital, and Jennilyn and her family came when he got home but I didn't snap a picture.

 Granny brought lots of dinners and helped us out tons--we are so thankful for her!

Sweet cousin Isla Sue was born 3 weeks after Theo and she is such a doll.  It is so fun seeing the differences between the 2 of them!

The Stokes kids were so excited to meet the little bug!

On my birthday my mom, Chelsea, Asher & Isla, and Katie and Stella met us at the Ogden Dino Park.  Theo didn't care much about the dinosaurs, but he liked being outside and with so many fun people!

Newborn Pictures

When Theo was just a week old we went to Logan to have his newborn pictures taken.  It was so much fun to spend 4 hours just watching him be so cute!  I'm so thankful for the talented Jada Chadwick -- if you are in the Northern Utah area give her a call--You can check her out at

I love these pictures so much and am so happy with how she captured our boys!!