Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Last weekend my siblings and I all headed down for sunny Moab. Except someone forgot to mention that to the sun, which was seriously MIA for the majority of the time. We had so much fun hanging out at the condo, watching March Madness, eating good food, hiking (ok it was more like a very short walk), and running the race on Saturday. Next time my parents will have to join us in the fun.

Saturday morning came way too quickly, when me, Katie, Chel and Marcus had to head up the canyon for the half marathon. It was 26 degrees at the mouth of the canyon, and once we were up there we stood shivering in the shade for over an hour! It finally started and we were off, weaving in and out of 4,000 other crazies who do this for fun. Thanks to my running buddies who kept me from changing races and insisting I could do this, regardless of bad knees and not near enough preparation. 12 miles in I thought I might die, but one mile later I was across that finish line and so glad it was behind me!


Amber said...

wow, way to go! that's awesome!

Amy said...

We're glad we found your blog! Way to go with the half marathon. That's how Amy wants to loose the baby weight:). Lincoln was up here this week and we were chatting about good times at your place. Hope you're doing well.

- Spence and Amy

Amie said...


Chelsea said...

Sweet pic of you running across the finish line! You look much happier than I did at that point...Congrats on your first half. I'm still so glad you did it.

Megan said...

Way to go! Half marathons are so satisfying. But every time I finish one I think, people run twice this far?! Insane I say! I am glad you had a good time!

mcbingham said...

Nice work T! You do look good running across that finish line with a winner of a smile. Go fight win for half marathons! :)