Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Last week was my dad's 55th birthday. We went to Texas Roadhouse where they were great enough to force him onto a saddle and hollar and cheer for him, and he was a good enough sport to go along with it. My dad is fabulous--here are some of the great things about him

***he can fix anything. cars, computers, boats, frozen pipes, anything, he knows how to get inside whatever is broken and take care of it.

***he builds things. like furniture out of wood, or little things out of clay, or even hard core sand castles and people in the sand. He is the most analytical/creative blend i've ever seen.

***he knows stuff. lots of stuff. like how they make potato chips, or where rubies come from, and how to pour cement. he's just smart like that.

***i've never seen an animal he couldn't train, be it dogs, horses, llamas, and even his fish.

***he's a big softie when it comes to his grandkids. one time he disappeared right around bedtime, and came up over an hour later. he had been reading to jackson the whole time.

***he's the best go-to guy when you need something. he is calm and rational and thinks everything through, so pretty much the opposite of me. if he is 90 miles away or across an ocean, he'll listen to your problem and then send you on your way with a list of steps to take to solve it.

***he is strong in the church and great in our family. i couldn't ask for a better dad--I LOVE YOU!!!

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Chelsea said...

I'm surprised dad is smiling in that picture in the saddle...