Sunday, August 8, 2010

LAGOON: Its what FUN is!

Yesterday the WOODROSE #1 gang headed to Lagoon for some fun in the sun. Oh boy did we live it up! Some of the highlights:

Our first ever time on WICKED--which of course had to be repeated
Icees, Churros, Pretzels, and Mikeshakes

Terror Ride (...for us girls...)

Standing in line for an HOUR for Samurai

The Bathroom (...for Sean...he he...just kidding Sean)

RUNNING like 13 year-olds to the Rocket when they re-opened it

Music Express (...for Mel and I...)

Waiting in line for Rattlesnake Rapids only to decide we were too wimpy to get wet in the cold

The Screamer (...for Chad...)
The guy climbing over a fence to retrieve a quarter

The Spider (...for Amie...oh wait, maybe her screaming "I DON'T LIKE THIS!!! means it wasn't a highlight...)

By 7 p.m. we were all tuckered out and headed to Texas Roadhouse for some delicious dinner and line dancing.

These girls are some of my very best friends and their husbands are better than we could have asked for. It was such a fun day to catch up, reminisce, and plan for the future. I'm so glad we've stayed so close in the 6 years since I first became a roommate!!!


mcbingham said...

T- I love your post!! You said it all so well! Thanks for the fun yesterday--Lagoon at it's finest with best buds. It really is always such a blast getting together with you. Colby and I think you're great. Love ya girl :)

Chelsea said...

Lagoon=fun, just ask Marcus :)

I HATE the screamer. I refused to ride it every single time we went last year. And we went a lot.

Glad you had fun with your old roomies!

Amie said...

T it really was a blast! Seriously, I think it needs to be an annual thing. Seriously. We had so much fun and I'm glad you took these awesome pics for evidence of our awesome day. Love you love you! Go Woodrose Reunion!