Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reason for Going Private... lots of people are wondering why I am suddenly going private. I have no kids to protect, no home to worry about, no known stalkers. So why would I hide myself from the world?


OK so I got a job offer. Which is contingent upon me passing a VERY intense background check. The recruiter I have been working with suggested making all my online profiles private so any googling of my name won't pull up crazy photos, stories, anecdotes, confessions, etc.

I am SO excited. I am going to be a financial analyst with a fairly large investment firm--so a huge career change for me. I've been thinking of making a move like this for a long time, but

a) I have been scared to leave the comfortable and known world of doing hair
b) I love my clients and most of my co-workers, so why would I leave them
and c) the job market has been less than desirable.

I finally worked up the nerve to start putting out resumes, and got form letter after form letter saying thanks, but no thanks. I finally got an interview with this company, and a nerve rattling 8 days later I got the offer.

I'm not naming the company on here because apparently there is tracking software that companies use to see where their names are popping up online. One of my friends blogged about her company and was called in to HR the next day. Who knew. But I'll give you a hint. Sam calls it G. Sax. :) Just don't give me away by guessing or mentioning the name on my comment form. :)

I'm so nervous, anxious, and exhausted after just the interviewing, drug test, and background check of this process. But I'm also excited and enthusiastic to take this plunge to furthering my knowledge in the financial world and use the degree I worked so hard for.


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Amber said...

congratulations! that is awesome! i'm so excited for you!