Monday, January 23, 2012

Time...where does it go?

I had a goal that tonight I was going to do some blogging. And I had my idea all ready and everything, some things that have been on my mind. And then work got hectic, and stayed hectic, which meant I stayed there, and then the roads were snowy, and it took a while to get home, and here is is, 11:53 p.m., and I just set my alarm for barely over 5 hours away...

So just remember my intentions were good. I promise one day to update. In the meantime, enjoy me stealing my sister's ideas to show you Christmas and a fun girls camping trip from way back last summer.

Chelsea's Christmas

Elise's Christmas (With the video of the best Nativity you've ever seen)

and the girl's camping trip, which happened because we can't say no to Miss Lola

Thanks sisters, for doing my work for me!!


Katie said...

That is me every single day lately. The days just aren't long enough! I'm behind on my bloggin' too so don't feel too sad.

Amie said...

good thing your sisters blog so that I can stalk you:) haha or better yet we should just talk more on the phone. It was so good talking to you the other day. I feel a girls night in the making:)

Elise said...

You have such a crazy life! I don't know how you do it! I wouldn't blog either if I were you :) I'll forgive you for not blogging as much....but I sure do love it when you do blog!