Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life as we know it

One thing is for sure: life does not slow down for 1 minute!  We have been loving life and have had tons going on lately.  I keep meaning to update my blog but just haven't taken the time.  Here are some of our recent happenings:

1. Mother's Day
This year I celebrated Mother's Day.  My sweet boy greeted me in the morning with a beautiful purple orchid in a purple pot with a purple card.  He and Nate spoiled me all day--sweet cards, made me breakfast, let me take a nap after church while they made shiskabobs, and then we enjoyed a fun night at my parents.  I'm so grateful for these 2 who have made me a mother.

2. Ryan's Dental work
Ryan has had a complete mouth overhaul and has been SUCH a trooper.  We went in for a routine cleaning and found out he needed 4 extractions, 2 crowns, 2 fillings, and a spacer put in.  We spent the next 4 weeks with a weekly appointment at Simply Dental and we are now DONE!  In addition to his dental work, he has lost 3 additional teeth, so the tooth fairy has broken the bank at our house.  But we now have a clean bill of health and can move forward.  Our family goal is no cavities in December!

3.  Ruby
Granny picked out little Ruby and brought her home this month.  She is a little bundle of energy and keeps everyone on their toes.  Grandpa is still trying to decide if he loves her but the rest of us are complete smitten!

4. Easter
Cathy, AJ and Tiffany came down to visit for Easter.  We enjoyed a beautiful spring day at Liberty Park, the Centerville city Easter Egg hunt, swimming at Nana's hotel pool, a family Easter Egg hunt, and a fantastic Easter feast. 

5. Montana
Ryan got to go home with Nana to celebrate Spring Break in Montana.  He had so much fun with Cathy and the girls and his friend Jack and got completely spoiled.  Nate, Mowgli and I went up at the end of the week to pick him up and enjoyed some relaxing time up there as well.

6. Gardening
Nate built and planned us a garden!  We forced ourselves to wait until it was warm enough and then spent an evening planting it together.  Its only been a little over a week but we are seeing little signs of life and are so excited!

7. Ryan has GROWN!
I can't believe how big this little guy is.  He is a huge help around the house and is turning into a great little reader.  He is Mowgli's best friend and always makes us laugh.  We love you Ry!
8. Skiing
Way back in March we got to go enjoy the Stokes' cabin and spend a day skiing at the Beav.  It was Ry's first time on the slopes and he was such a champ!  He had a lesson in the morning and then spent the afternoon on Little Beav with Nate and I.  It was the perfect sunny day and we loved spending it together as a family on the mountain.

 9. New Job
I turned in my GS badge to explore new opportunities at the Church Office Building.  It is amazing to me to see how the Lord constantly works miracles in my life to bring happiness to me and my family.  This is such a great opportunity at this time and such a blessing for our family.  Ryan said it best when we were listing out the pros and cons: You'll be working for Jesus!

10.  One Happy Family
I love this family of mine so much and can't get enough of this fun chapter in our lives.  I obviously need to do better at taking pictures of the whole group but I guess its a good sign that we are always doing fun things rather than posing for pictures.  :)  Love my clan!


Chelsea said...

Wow, what a HUGE update! haha. Glad you got it all written down. You guys have been way busy. Poor little Ry with all of his dental work. And your garden looks awesome! That's kinda what I wanted built at our house too, but we didn't have a long skinny spot like that. Looks perfect.

Amber said...

sounds like a fun, busy life. :)
minus the dental work - not fun.
i'm so happy for you. congratulations on your new job. and so glad you have such a wonderful family.

Amie said...

Perfect little family! I'm so not surprised at what an awesome mom you are. I'm so glad you got to celebrate such a great first Mother's Day. You deserve the spoiling for sure.