Thursday, May 1, 2008


At 12:14 a.m. on Wednesday, April 30, I finished my senior project!!!
I had literally spent the last 2 days sitting at my computer typing till my fingers were raw (K not quite, but I hadn't showered or seen the sunlight). I was exhausted and nasty and figured what a perfect photo moment...
I took it to my sister's for her to proofread (thanks Lise!) and then celebrated in style by picking up a berry shake at Arbys--gotta love the night life in Logan!
Graduation is Saturday--I can't believe it's here!


Kristen said...

That's a HUGE accomplishment! Be very proud of yourself!!!
p.s. I love working with you and hearing all of your fun stories.

Dustin & Ashley said...

Congrats on Graduating!! That is seriously awesome, you are my hero. I wish I looked that cute after spending 2 days in front of a computer screen!

Jason&Lindi said...

Yay!! Congrats! I am so excited for you! When are you going to be around town again? Lets go to lunch!

Katie said...

You are a bit of a dork!

Congrats anyway.