Friday, June 27, 2008

New Job

So about a month ago I started a new job in the Accounts Payable department at Wasatch Property Management. My first day at work I got all dressed up in one of my brand new "professional" outfits, got there nice and early, and headed in. The building is incredible--huge tall ceilings and way tall doors, chrome hardware and shiny tile floors. The breakroom was complete with a 40" flat panel TV and a diet coke fountain...I really don't think I'm grownup enough to be in a place like this but the free beverages will be appreciated!
I wanted to take a picture of my very first cubicle, but when I showed up on my first day, they didn't have one for me yet so they stuck me in the conference room. This ended up being WAY nice since the building is FREEZING cold and I had my very own thermostat.
This week I got to work and its official: my cubicle was ready for me! I'll get pictures up here one day...

After being there a few weeks, these are the things I've learned:
* My co-workers spend the majority of their time at the office standing around the filing cabinets gossiping
* When the guys come to clean the windows, all work stops while we watch them dangle from the roof (we are on the 4th floor)
* My supervisor not only is not a college grad, but loves her back corner cubicle because she can watch Lost online all day while she attempts to enter invoices
* If someone has supposedly faxed something to you once and you didn't get it for some reason, it is like getting blood out of a turnip to get them to fax it again
* There is only 1 single guy who works for the company and he's a loser
* The bathrooms are quite possibly the nicest thing I have ever seen
* After getting me so excited about the coke fountain in the break room they suddenly switched it to Pepsi, which is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE (I now have to keep a personal stash of coke in my cupboards)
* My ex-boyfriend's bro-in-law is my boss and is thoughtful enough to keep me updated on all the happenings in his life


Jason&Lindi said...

Wow, you are a "big girl" now! Water cooler talk and all! How fun!

Kristen said...

The new job sounds NICE!!! I sounds like your building up for a weekly "Blog Sitcom"...I like, I like. Soon you'll have to introduce each of the main characters...names changed of coarse.

Amie and Sean said...

Gotta love life! And the bathrooms there are pretty luxurious...only the best for Wasatch (and the rest of the building i guess haha) Congrats on being a real grown up:) And thanks for updating your blog.

Dustin & Ashley said...

I think this job of yours sounds like a sitcom, I totally agree with Kristen. Congrats on the new job! You are so funny, I was actually laughing out load Tierra.

Katie said...

Love the update! At least now you can relate with "The Office!"

Chelsea said...

Oh my gosh, I really hope you get an email when i leave this comment. I am commenting on a post from almost 2 years ago, but I was reading through your old posts and seriously don't remember ever seeing this! I think there must have been a time when I didn't actually even check your blog.

That was funny. What would you do if the 1 single boy, who is a loser, found your blog? I wonder if you would feel bad. No worries now though since you are gone. :)