Monday, September 13, 2010


Anyone who knows me can tell you what my favorite season is.

I'm so excited--let the festivities begin!


Chelsea said...

I still think you're crazy for loving fall so much (I said this to you last year). But I am going to try liking it. Again. I have to not think about the fact that fall brings winter and maybe getting a new pair of boots and a coat will help? :)

Love your little concoction of falls treats and it is especially pretty for fall. I wish I could do it--problem is I'd eat it all in one sitting and then I'd have no decorations left. :)

Megan said...

I love Fall SO much. If it didn't mean Winter was around the corner, I would love it more ;) Speaking of love, that treat looks yummy! Recipe please :)

Amy Watts said...

Spencer does not allow any Fall things until after his birthday- which was yesterday. So needless to say my Halloween decorations will be coming out of the boxes TODAY!

PS- my hair is ugly. I miss you!