Monday, September 20, 2010

Flaming Gorge 2010

I have taken WAY too long to get this up here, but in July my family had our annual vacation at Flaming Gorge. We loaded up the boat with camping gear, ski and wakeboard gear, and TONS of food. By Wednesday night we had the whole clan there (minus Elise, who just didn't quite get home in time) and had the rest of the weekend to play.

The only disappointment was the weather--IT WAS FREEZING!!! Miles and I spent a fair amount of time huddled in what he dubbed "our spot" out of the wind with a blanket on our laps, and everyone would jump in for a quick run and then spend the rest of the day getting warm again.

Some of the highlights included Jumbo S'mores, Dinners with Jim and Patti's family and Grandma and Grandpa, Playing games, Reading, Throwing sticks to the dogs, Eating, and just being together.

Katie's kids were such good sports--Lola was the first one to jump in one morning! I think by the look on her face she immediately regretted that decision, but they had fun and were great campers!

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Chelsea said...

Way to document the trip. Love the collage of Katie's kids.