Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am...T. I guess that's a lot of things. I think...too many things. I have an opinion about everything. I'm working on not being so outspoken. I be stable. secure. to not have to worry. I have...a great family. I don't know what I'd do without them. I wish...I were 5'8". I hate...that there is only one word in our language for LOVE. I use the same word to say I love diet coke as I do to say I love my family. That's not ok. I miss...the college days. What did I think was so stressful? I fear...cats. I know its not rational. I feel...a little cold. a little nervous for a new job. excited to go finish a quilt. I hear... Ben Folds. and that someone has sent me a message. I smell...nothing right now. I'd like to get rid of this cold. I search...for obscure things I obsess over at the time. My sister calls this questing. I deep should I go with this? I wonder why I still haven't found him. I wonder why the road that found success for some doesn't for others. I wonder who I'll be one day. I regret...going on certain blind dates. I many things. My family. China. A cold diet coke. Rocky Road ice cream. Fall. I care...about looking good. Blame it on the day job. I always...sleep too late. I hit snooze a million times and then run around frantically trying to leave the house on time. I am to be lied to by mechanics. One of my biggest pet peeves, and I weirdly pride myself on not letting them take advantage of me. I believe... The unplanned life is no less a life. I heard that last night. I believe I'm here for a reason. One day I'll understand why. I dance...all the time. Last night I was dancing at the atm. I had Sam (who was in the car) convinced there was music playing out of it. I sing...all the time. I wish could I remember song lyrics better. Sam is the first guy I've dated who sings more than me. I love it. I don' loud music. If affects my mood too much. I write... rarely. I should be better. I win...Ticket to Ride when I play with Sam. I Sam at Uno. Every. Single. Time. I never... I listen... to clients all day. I'm gonna miss that. I love hearing about what is going on in their world and what makes them tick. I love figuring out how to make them happy. I can usually be work. Or doing a project at home. I am scared of...failing. I read...everything. anything. clearance books. book club books. I am happy possibilities. a bright future. discovering what's coming.

I tag Amie. Mel. J-Had. Anyone else who wants to.


Chelsea said...

Yay! You did it. I think it is fun to read. And to see how some things we are so similar on but some things so different. Like when we dance. You = always, and at an ATM! Me = rarely! Hah. Funny. Loved it.

Chelsea said...

Also, I meant to say, cute picture. Is that at Cheesecake Factory? Love that place.

Amie said...

oh yay a tag! I am going to do this. Hey let's chit chat know shoot the breeze. I love that you had Sam convinced that there was music playing at the ATM. That's one thing I love about're so tricky:)
P.S. the word verification that I had to type in was stabler...not sure what that means:)

Jennilyn and Chad said...

seriously I love this post! it makes me so happy because I know you and I love you! and it makes me miss college too when we'd just talk about these random things for hours..