Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission

Tonight my whole family got together at my parents house to watch my brother Joe open his mission call. We are so blessed to be part of such a huge support system. The room was totally full as he tore open the envelope and started reading..........ORLANDO FLORIDA!!!

I am so excited for him. He has grown up so much lately and is totally ready for this incredible experience. As the only boy with 4 sisters it hasn't always been easy for him, but he is a solid individual with a strong testimony that is becoming more and more obvious.

I realized the other day I haven't dedicated near enough of this blog to him, so Joe, this one's for you:

*** He's really good at making things out of wood. He made his mom and sisters cutting boards for Christmas and they are fabulous. He's currently working on a baby mobile.

*** He is genuinely sweet and a good listener. We've had many a conversation about the mysteries of dating, and its been so fun to get a male perspective from someone who is so concerned for my welfare.

*** He is a great uncle to Jackson and Miles. This fall while they were visiting he made marshmallow guns with them. I know they look up to him and watch everything he does.

*** He has a temper just like mine. Which means he understands me when I get riled up.

*** He is good at finding ways to serve. This winter my parents were out of town and he was home alone. They came home to a message from the neighbors, thanking him for shoveling the snow off their walks. He offers to babysit Katie's kids, helps with yardwork, and has moved me countless times.
*** He used to make appointments to come in for a haircut at my salon under fake names. I'd spend the whole afternoon trying to figure out who was coming in, and then be pleasantly surprised when he walked through the door, always with a diet coke in hand.
*** One night we were the only 2 at my parent's house, and he talked me into playing xBox with him. We played a car racing game, and he let me design my own purple sports car and then let me not lose by too much.
*** He is always up for a game of Ticket to Ride or a beverage run.

*** He is responsible. I learned that last summer when he and I took dad's boat up to Flaming Gorge a couple days before the rest of the family came up. He is confident and experienced and realizes when its ok to be silly and when its time to be cautious.

I'm so proud of you Joe. I know I can be hard on you but I hope you know how much I love you and how important you are to me. You're gonna rock this missionary thing--you'll love it and they'll love you--I can't wait to start getting the letters.


Troy and Lisa said...

um, I thought Joe was still little. At least he was the last time I saw him. Congrats to your family...and the blonde looks great!

Amy Watts said...

I loved living in Orlando. If he is extra lucky he will get to serve in the student ward for all the Disney interns. It was the best ward and had tons of success. Congrats to him!

Amie said...

Ok I didn't even realize he was old enough to go on a mission! Holy cow. Congratulations to him! That is so awesome.

Anonymous said...

So cute, T! I didn't know he came to your salon under fake names--he is really so cute. And he looks so little in that photo! Actually, we all do!

Sue said...

Loved this post to your blog, T. Joe truly is a great guy and I think we are all going to miss him so much while he's serving his mission to Orlando. He is a terrific friend and companion and like you said, such a huge help. Joe has a knack for knowing what needs to be done and to dive in and just do it! Love ya!