Monday, April 11, 2011


Chelsea sent me this picture today, and I couldn't stop looking at it: she is SO HAPPY. She is so happy to be pregnant, so happy to be a mom, so happy to have a family of her own. She is being such a good sport about being tired, sick, achy and everything else that comes with pregnancy. She still goes to the gym even when she can't workout the way she wants to, still looks adorable, and still works hard. I'm so proud of her and SO happy for her--Chel, you deserve to be happy.


Chelsea said...

Ahh!! Can't believe you posted this hideous picture of me on your blog! haha, I was shocked when I clicked on your blog and saw this picture. At first I was a little confused and wasn't sure if I had somehow posted that on my own blog? haha.

Thanks though for the sweet post. You are such a sweet sister and have been there for me through everything.

Sue said...

Tierra, I had exactly the same reaction to Chel's cute happy photo as you did! She looks so blissful in her green comfy chair! You girls are wonderful how you support and cheer for each other--I'm so proud of you!

April said...

LOVE. it.