Tuesday, June 25, 2013


***Note: I wrote this a few weeks ago, and then have not had a chance to upload the pics, so its already a tad out of date.  Oh well. 

Saturday morning we got up, had breakfast, and I did a haircut.  We had 3 hours before I had to leave to help with a friend's wedding.  I said to the boys, "Lets hurry and get our chores done and then we can do something fun!"  
But the minute it came out of my mouth I knew there were so many things wrong with that sentence.  Doing chores is never fast.  Chores are never done.  And by the time we were done, there would be no time to do something fun.  I realized there is such limited time to do fun stuff.  Our days are so busy with work, school, reading, church responsibilities, cleaning, cooking, laundry and millions of other "have to's."  
And just like that, I made the best decision of my week.  I decided to forget the bathrooms, the dishes, and the laundry.  I sent Ryan up to put on his swimsuit and shoes, filled up a few water bottles, and off we went for a hike to the Centerville waterfall.  
Due to my inability to follow google instructions we never made it to the waterfall, but we had a great time together as a clan hiking the face of Centerville Peak, chasing lizards, blowing huge dandelions, and enjoying this beautiful area we live in.   
And lucky for me, I have great boys in my clan who cleaned the bathrooms after we got home.


Chelsea said...

You never made it to the waterfall??? That is so sad! It looks like a little adventure anyway and I'm glad you had fun. That picture of Ryan and Mowgli overlooking the valley is AMAZING. Seriously. The best. That should be framed somewhere in your house. So precious!

Elise said...

HAHAHA I am seriously CRACKING UP at how hilarious your Mowgli dog is! Hah! Love it! Even though you never made it to the waterfall, still looks like tons of fun! You'll have to go another time! And I agree with chel-the pic of Ry and Mowgli is gorgeous.