Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Camp

Dear Ryan,

Today you started summer camp.  You were a little nervous and didn't like the idea of getting up early, and told me you felt like you were just going back to school.  You begged and begged to just let you stay home with Mowgli.  Last night we had a special family prayer and papa prayed that you could have a good attitude about how fun it would be, and that you would be brave and have courage to make new friends.  You were a little sad when you went to bed but were trying so hard to be tough.

This morning you woke up SO happy!  We warmed up cinnamon rolls for breakfast, you put on papa's old sunglasses and just grinned the whole drive in to Salt Lake.  You were singing and chatting about all the cars and people around us.  You even asked me if you could have the cash you saw me put in my purse, and when I said no, you said "I thought you'd say that, but it never hurts to ask!"  I watched you in the rear view mirror and your cheeks were so red and your little toothless smile was so bright and I just felt warm inside.

About 2 blocks from the rec center you got quiet.  You asked me one more time if you had to go.  And I said I was counting on you to be my big boy and to trust me and papa that we know you will like it here.  We pulled up and you held my hand as we walked in.  We walked to your classroom, and I saw your eyes get big as you took in all the kids, all the games, the playground, and met the nice teacher.  We showed you a few key areas, you gave me a hug, and you ran out the door to the playground!  

I am SO proud of you!!  I haven't been your mama for very long but it amazes me how much you've grown since we met last summer.  I know Heavenly Father gave you an extra boost of confidence today to be able to go outside of your comfort zone and enjoy this opportunity.  I can't wait to hear all about it tonight!

Love, Mom


Amber said...

you are such a sweet momma.

Katie said...

So sweet! Way to go Ryan-I'm not very good about doing things by myself so I'm extra impressed with his ability to go outside his comfort zone. I'm sure he came home with buckets of new friends and lots of fun memories!

Chelsea said...

Oh, this is so sweet. Sweet Ryan. I'm glad he's liking camp so far.