Sunday, October 14, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Last week I celebrated my 30th birthday.  Eek.  How did that happen?  I swear I'm still 22... All in all it was a great weekend except for the little moment when I realized that in 10 short years I would be 40... but we don't need to talk about that.

Friday afternoon I took a half day off work and went to the zoo with my mom, Stella, Nate, and Ryan.  It was a perfect fall day and we had so much fun.  My mom is such a good Granny and takes such good care of everyone.  After the zoo we met my dad for dinner at Village Inn for a fun breakfast dinner.

Nate and Ryan came to my house after the zoo and we got ready to put in a movie.  Nate suggested I go put  my jammas on, and when I came back down the lights were off and they had a cake for me!  They were going to wait till midnight but Ryan was getting sleepy (and lets be honest, I was too...afterall, I'm not 29 anymore).

Saturday Nate and I went to the afternoon session of general conference.  Ryan hung out at my parents where he played marbles with my dad and helped my mom decorate the house for Halloween.  Then Nate and my dad went to Priesthood and then Nate and I went to dinner at Pei Wei.

It was such a perfect celebration with the people I love.  I am so happy and could not ask for one more thing in my life.  Except maybe to be 25.


Katie said...

Thanks for helping with Stelly at the zoo and especially Village Inn. And, her hair even looked done. . . I don't think Nate busted out the curling iron so I'm sure I have either you or mom to thank for her looking decent!

Glad you had a fun birthday weekend! Crazy that you're 30!!! I'm just happy to have at least one sister join me in the 30's decade!

Amie said...

Cutest couple award:) And can I just say your mom is the sweetest person ever.