Saturday, January 18, 2014

A New Baby!!!

We are thrilled to announce our clan is growing!  Our little baby is due August 17, 2014 and we could not be more excited.  This week we had our first doctor appointment where we got to see the little thing.  I wasn't expecting an ultrasound at this appointment, so when that little baby appeared on the screen with its fluttering, beating heart... words cannot express the joy I felt.  I'm so amazed at the miracle it is and am so excited to meet our little bug!

At 10 weeks I am feeling incredibly blessed.  Besides the expected tiredness, being able to smell, and a little nausea here and there, I have been lucky enough to not have been terribly sick.  I can feel my body changing and am afraid I am going to start showing sooner than I would have expected. 

Ryan is excited to be a big brother and even more excited that he doesn't have to keep it a secret anymore! 



Elise said...

Hooray!! Cute post. I'm glad you're taking pics of the baby belly (even though I can't see a bump just yet!!) So, so exciting. I'm so stinking happy for you all :)

Chelsea said...

Sooooo exciting!!!!!!! We are so happy for you guys.