Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Last night we had our ultrasound at Fetal Fotos and got to determine the gender of our little peanut!!!  It was so amazing to watch him wiggle, kick, spin, wave, and touch his face.  He is a busy little thing and it was hard to get him to hold still long enough to get a good look.  Nate had us all convinced it was going to be a girl, so I was shocked when she said "HE!!"  He has perfect little fingers and toes, a hummingbird speed heart beat, and such a cute little curved spine.

It is so amazing to me the miracle that this is.  Just a short 4 months ago he was only a spirit, and now his body is being built, and that somehow, I get to be a part of it.  I cannot imagine how I am so blessed to be housing this precious soul for the next 5 months.  And I cannot believe how intensely I love him.

I have never seen Nate so proud as when she said it was a boy.  After several references from the ultrasound tech to his "little parts," Nate had to speak up with "Can we please go easy with the word little?!" He has been so incredible to me the past several months--letting me sleep, sending me for pedicures, making our dinners, and cleaning our house.  He has been a lifesaver and I've never heard a complaint.

I loved watching Ryan see his brother for the first time.  He was shocked and I think a tad disappointed that it wasn't a girl.  Then he got nervous this new one would want all his toys.  But then, as the night wore on, he just got excited.  He was so cute asking questions, pointing things out, and laughing at the ultrasound tech poking my belly to get little man to move.  I accidentally referred to the new baby as a little Troll, and Ry looked up at me like I had slapped him.  I felt so bad!  Ryan will forever and always be my Troll.  I know this new addition will be a big change for him, but he is so sweet and caring and kind that I know he will be just fine.

We haven't been able to come up with any boy names we love, but Ryan has been telling everyone we are naming him Theodore so his nickname will be Thor.  He definitely does not have mom's sign-off on that one!
Ryan has been really curious about twins, and why we aren't having twins.  We have a neighbor expecting twins next month, and he has been fascinated with it.  We explained to him that women have an egg that becomes a baby, and sometimes 2 eggs come out at once, which makes twins. Then Nate said "Sometimes only 1 egg comes out, but it splits in half and forms 2 babies."  Ryan thought for a minute, and then said "So someone cracks open an egg and 2 babies fall into the mom's stomach?!"  I love how his mind works--I could see him imagining making brownies, and cracking open eggs...

He let it go for a week or so, and then last weekend, out of the blue, he said to me "You know T, if you had really wanted 2 babies, you could have just shaken yourself up and made 2 eggs come out!"  I had to explain to him that women aren't like salt shakers...  :)

I have definitely started showing and my jeans are officially not fitting.  I have still been feeling good, just an occasional bout of nausea here and there.  I went skiing last weekend and for the first time felt like there was something there--like I couldn't crouch as much as I wanted to.  They tell me I could feel him as early as next week, and I can't wait!   I'm starting to feel more energy and like I can finally tackle some projects, which is nice.
9 weeks, 15 weeks

We can't wait to see our little man continue to grow and see him again at our 20 week ultrasound!

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Amber said...

So so so so sooooo happy and excited for you! You look amazing and I'm so happy (and jealous!) you are feeling so well! It really is such an incredible experience and blessing we have to be mothers. Wishing you all the best!