Friday, September 19, 2014

Birthday Boy

Can you believe the Troll is 9?!?

We celebrated by taking some friends to Jump Around Utah where the boys spent a couple hours wearing themselves out and getting completely gross and sweaty as only little boys can.  Then we came back home for presents, hot dogs, and cake and ice cream, finished up with some Epic Fails videos on YouTube.  It was the perfect party for these crazies!

On Ry's actual birthday he got to sleepover with Val's kids and spend the day at Classic Fun Center where they did water slides, skating, and arcade games.  Then it was off to dinner at Chinese Gourmet with Nate and I, and home for presents.

I'm so thankful for this 9 year old.  He has become such a funny little man with a quick wit and lots of energy.  He is sensitive, sweet and caring with me but tough and intense with Nate and on the football field.  He is gracious and thoughtful, a great student, and always asking questions about things going on around us.  I love you little Troll!

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