Thursday, September 11, 2014

California Trip

At the beginning of the school year we gave Ryan a goal of getting 100% on his spelling tests.  He has been working so hard and has done so good.  We decided the prize for a lofty goal like this would be a trip to Disneyland.  Neither Ryan or Nate had ever been, so we were super excited for our time there.  With the baby on the way we decided to go for Spring Break rather than in the summer, but with work schedules we ended up going the first of March.  That meant almost no lines and great weather!!

Wednesday afternoon after we got there we went to Newport Beach.  The water was FREEZING and it was windy and cold, but Ry loved it.  After we left he asked us if we could skip Disneyland the next day and go back to the beach instead.  Point: beach.

Thursday morning we got up and headed to Disneyland.  Luckily, Ryan quickly discovered the magic of the place and was glad we didn't skip it.  We spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning soaking up as much Disney as we could.  Ryan was a little adventure maniac and loved the Matterhorn, California Screamin, Star Tours, the Buzz Lightyear Ride, and Radiator Springs in Cars Land.  I could go on quite a few rides in spite of being pregnant, and even when I couldn't, just being there with Nate and Ry was pretty great.  The parades at night, yummy food, fun characters and just wearing ourselves out was a great time.  :)

We definitely did all there was to do there and loved every second.  You know you've shut it down when this is what you look like waiting for the shuttle to take you home at the end of the night.

One fun thing about the trip was that on our way to the beach on Wednesday afternoon I felt our little babe move!  Everyone had told me how it feels like butterflies, which I didn't think it felt like at all.  I almost thought it felt like a muscle twitch.  I didn't say anything because I thought I might be just imagining things, and then felt it again when we were in line for Indiana Jones so told Nate and Ryan.  On the drive home it was so fun to sit in the car and feel him wiggling around in there!

We went back to the beach for one last time Saturday afternoon and stayed till sunset.  And just like that, our trip was over.  Till next time, Cali!

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