Friday, September 19, 2014

One Month

Post Edit: At 1 month he was 20.75" long and weighed 8 lbs 9 oz, 10th percentile for weight.  Since he did not drop percentiles again the doctor is happy with his weight gain.

Our little Theodore has grown so much in the past month!

- he can hold his head up
- he focuses on faces and turns to noises
- he hates having his arms wrapped up or swaddled.  he also dislikes his feet to be wrapped up too tight, but not as much as his arms.  if we do swaddle his arms in, it is only a matter of minutes until he has wiggled them out.  He has yet to find a swaddle he can't get out of.
- when he is awake he is always wiggling.  Nate predicted he would roll over at an early age, and at 4 weeks I put him on his tummy, took a bottle to the fridge, and when I turned back to him he was on his back.  I wish I hadn't missed it--I would have loved to see how he managed that!
- he hates being put on his tummy, unless he is laying on someone's chest, which usually puts him to sleep.
- he always smiles in his sleep.  he must have the most fantastic dreams, because his grins are huge and several times he has made a little squeaking/laughing sound while he's dreaming
- he has started smiling a little when he is awake too.  he is ticklish on his belly, back and feet, and if you tickle him he gets squirmy and smiley.
- he loves showers and baths.  when we take him in the shower he just relaxes, closes his eyes, and doesn't care one bit if the water splashes his face.  in the bath he loves to just lie back and float, kicking his little legs.
- goes to bed around 11 and wakes up around 3:00 and 6:00, eats and goes right back to sleep
- is wearing 0-3 month clothes
- he caught a cold when he was 10 days old and is still congested.  our pediatrician tells us it is normal since he is a novice at fighting these, but it kills me to listen to his snorty breathing!
- at his 2 week appointment he had dropped to the 10th percentile for both height and weight, so the doctor had us try a few different things to monitor how much he was eating.  turns out he's a tad lazy when it came to nursing, and was just getting too worn out after an ounce and calling it quits.  we have switched to only bottle feeding him pumped breast milk, and this hungry guy drinks 3-4 ounces per feeding!  we go in next week to see if he has gained weight but I can definitely tell he has.
- he loves his brother and how well he takes care of him.  Ryan is always willing to cuddle, feed, and talk to him.  last week Ryan insisted he hold Theo while they watched a movie, and Nate and I went upstairs to watch something else.  the boys just cuddled on the couch for almost 2 hours, and then Ry brought him up to us because he was "starting to get whiney."
- Nate is so cute with him and is a perfect papa.
- I get distracted from all the stuff I plan on doing around the house because I can't resist holding him, talking to him, and just looking at him.

Theo is such a sweet little baby and has added so much love to our family.  It is hard to believe there were only 3 of us a month ago.  We all adore him and are so thankful he is here!

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Chelsea said...

Happy one month to Theo! I am glad he is gaining weight! It is so reassuring going to the doctor and seeing the weight go up. :) Cute pictures of him and love that blanket Elise made!